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Sort of a place, mostly about people, always an experiment.

We’ve redesigned what an office is and does and means. Now we’re looking for like-minded brands & artists to takeover our space and help take this concept to the next level.

From the good people at Bensimon Byrne, Narrative, OneMethod, Folk, and HiFi, The Combine is an ongoing experiment in transforming an office into a community-driven space that blends four key elements:

4 key elements

See the space

Yes, it’s an office but it’s also a

  1. Store
  2. Café
  3. Grove
  4. Studio
  5. Bar

And whatever you think of next...

Whatever you’re making, selling, launching, or extending, we’ve got the goods to help make it go.

Forward thinking Brands


  • Use our space to host an incredible event
  • Sponsor an existing event to share in the good vibes

Artists, Makers, & Creative Types

What you give

  • $0.00
  • 1 magazine article / yr
  • 1 event or talk / yr

What you get

  • Access to the space
  • Invites to member events
  • A platform to share your work
  • A network of like-minded creatives

We’re doing something different.

225 Wellington St WToronto-ON / M5V3G7

The Combine is a division of Tadiem, a framework for forward thinking.

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