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Welcome to The Combine

A community-driven space for doing, selling, living, and listening 

First things first. Yes, The Combine is an office. It’s a place where professional creative folk come to collaborate, socialize, and essentially get shit done. But it’s more than that. Coming out of the pandemic, the idea of an office needs to evolve. It needs to be more than boardrooms, computers, and water cooler chats. Don’t get us wrong, it can still be all these things, but now, it can be so much more. 

The Combine is an experiment from the hive mind of Bensimon Byrne, Narrative, OneMethod, and Folk. The idea is to evolve the traditional office into a community-driven creative space where you can make things, learn from one and other, collaborate, and inspire some entrepreneurial thinking.  

The Combine technically launched pre-pandemic in 2018. We hosted learning, shopping, social, and art events before COVID shut it down. But The Combine is back and 2.0 comes with a freshly designed space and more opportunities for creative collaboration.

The space includes traditional working areas. But it also includes a bar called Luigi's, a fully staffed café, a functioning and flexible storefront, and an area for groups to gather and learn. The Combine is an office, but it’s also a studio, a gallery, a store, a fashion show runway, a café, a magazine, a music venue, a classroom, a bar – it’s whatever we need it to be to help ideas come to life.    

Beyond the physical design, The Combine also includes a learning/workshop series where any of our members can take part. And the topics vary. One week it could be about a piece of design software and the next we’ll interview a creative director from a fashion brand. 

You want in? 

Maybe you’re an artist or a brand. Maybe you’re looking to sell something, launch it or evolve an idea you already have. The Combine has the goods to help make it go. The store, café, and bar are designed to be temporarily reimagined to fit what you and your idea need. You’ll also have access to the entire creative community that makes up The Combine.  

And it’ll cost you… No cash. The only thing we ask from all our members is to help design a learning session or workshop and contribute an article, art piece, or an interesting piece of content to The Combine magazine, homemade. 

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225 Wellington St WToronto-ON / M5V3G7

The Combine is a division of Tadiem, a framework for forward thinking.

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