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UH OH: Young Dave’s Bangin.

Imagine being born with sickle cell anaemia, a blood condition that affects 1 in 13 black babies.

Now, picture spending almost half of your youth creating beats, which your equally talented friends in Hamilton use to spit fire and chase greatness.

You spend the other half in the hospital, undergoing fentanyl treatment to manage the excruciating pain from your condition, walking a fine line between relief and danger. A single mistaken overdose could claim your life — which almost happens — only further stoking your ambition. 

Fast forward to downtown TO, where you're launching your latest single alongside your biggest feature to date. Surrounded by friends, family, former strangers, and a documentary crew, you’re celebrating the release with a party at The Combine.

This is Young Dave Bangin, whose music video for the single "Controlling Me" ft. JustChase dropped at the end of April, with an exclusive premiere right here.

The latest collab in the producer’s catalogue is a dreamy-yet-driven trap ballad, with washed-out pianos and moody sax lines pieced by the vocals of Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter @JustChase. This silky-smooth departure from Young Dave’s grittier catalogue of tracks about the everyday grind shows an artist eager to broaden his sonic palette. 

As his premiere is about to begin, curious members of The Combine approach Dave while he reminisces, seizing the opportunity to pick his brain. Grainy prints showcasing Young Dave's childhood in Montréal adorn the walls, with glimpses of the obstacles he has overcome and the people who have propelled and inspired him from day one, including his late older brother.

Dave's "N'Arrête Jamais" wordmark (Never Gonna Stop) embodies a team that refuses to be limited by anything. It serves as the brand for their clothing line and represents the mission behind NGS, the non-profit organisation Dave co-founded with his friends. Their aim is to organise free summer camps for local kids and raise awareness about sickle cell disease.

An alumnus of The Remix Project, Dave has always had the desire to give back and provide exposure and opportunities for kids facing similar disadvantages. Somewhere, along the journey, his unofficial motto became "grind through the pain." 

Once the room is packed, Young Dave's big sister takes the floor to say a few words about the producer's indomitable spirit. Then, Dave himself takes the stage, effortlessly hyping up the crowd for the video. The 25-year-old dynamo, who’s received accolades from the likes of Dre, has come a long way from recording into a microphone with a sock on it in his older cousin's home studio.

Considering what he’s been through, you might not expect Dave to be all smiles, but he radiates good vibes in every direction. It seems to be one of the secrets to his crew's success. 

It’s a real honour to host Young Dave as he continues to blow up and to be caught in the blast radius of such infectious positivity. 

Written By:Julian Battersby

225 Wellington St WToronto-ON / M5V3G7

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