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The Future is Nearly Now

Nearly Now is an annual trends report developed by Faculty of Change and OneMethod. Download the report and watch the presentation below.

Year two of The Combine means the return of Nearly Now, an annual talk and discussion around 10 of the most interesting developments to look forward to in 2024. In partnership with Faculty of Change, OneMethod’s very own Max Sawka joined Kareen Proudian and Jared Gordon on stage to discuss everything from the coming End of Saturday nights to the ongoing global identity crisis caused by technology. You can download the whole report right here.

A slide from the Nearly Now presentation that reads "Nowhere Left But Outside" with the subheading reading "It's too loud in here!"

For those working in a marketing, creative or innovation field, evenings like Nearly Now can be helpful to set the stage for the year to come. Not only can these insightful sessions help with your annual plans, but they always help spark healthy debate. The panel kicked off the show by running through a scorecard of the insights they shared at the beginning of 2023. How’d they do? 8 for 10 isn’t bad.  

A slide from the Nearly Now presentation that reads "You'll try to trick your algo" with a gif of actor Zach Galifianakis from The Hangover thinking hard as math equations fly by his head.

This year’s predictions were rooted in online culture. Some highlight topics include At War With Enshittification: Fighting The Algorithm, where we discussed how 2024 will be the year we stop fighting against the algorithms and instead focus on tricking them and bending them to our needs. Another is Aboard the Hobby Train: Everyone Can Be An Influencer But Can It Pay The Bills? Where the group discussed the future viability of making a living as an influencer. With so many online creators out there, turning their hobbies into careers, yours may have to remain a hobby from now on.

A slide from the Nearly Now presentation that reads "Average OnlyFans creator can't even afford a ring light" with an image of a hand adjusting a ring light.

And if you weren’t able to make it to Nearly Now 2024 in person, we’ve got a virtual version you can check out right here! 

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