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Studio Mise 1 Year Anniversary Pop-up

Studio Mise turned one this year. For any business-- let alone a small art boutique, open 3 days a week-- that's a landmark.  

We wanted to help them soak up the big day with food, drink, and friends. So, The Combine hosted their pop-up gallery, which looks back fondly on the journey since Studio Mise doors opened in October '22.  

 Over 12 months, the small crew nestled at Dupont and Ossington has amassed a loyal following of easy-going streetwear/skate culture/ lifestyle design enthusiasts. Many came out on October 1st to show support, get a first look at Mise's one-year anniversary tees, take in some cozy Japanese street food and frosty Sapporos, and kick back to a day of vinyl sets spun live by friends of the shop.  

Online, Studio Mise is listed as a "Hobby Store." Which hobby? Mainly, the hobbies of the people who run it. You won't find knitting needles or model helicopter kits for sale there-- not yet, anyway. The eclectic art and design outfit began with an impulse to spawn the creations and collaborations they and their community wanted to see.  

 They've crafted a bit of everything: art prints, accessories knick-knacks big and small, objects functional and ornamental in nature; they sell souvenirs from a life well-lived, lovingly wrapped in a design-sense both defiantly local and charmingly international.  

 The crew crammed a Uhaul with a selection of these treasures and unloaded them to redecorate The Combine’s space in Studio Mise's aesthetic of sharp silhouettes, bold primary colors, and catchy phrases.  

The shop has often adopted the cheeky slogan "Sorry, we're open," a nod to its unconventional hours (11:11 a.m. to 5 p.m., Fri-Sun) and its casual approach to business, like: "Hey, if we're lucky, we might just run into each other."  

Maybe you were lucky enough to make it to the pop-up. If not, be sure to check out Studio Mise, one of the rare lifestyle shops that are as enthusiastic about life as they are about style. We were honored to create a space for both this month to kick off another year of the store being-- happily—open. 

Written By:The Combine

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