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Parlor 23 Collab

It’s not every day a street culture pop-up gets buzz on CP24, but ours did. In case you missed it, you can still check out our Parlor 23 installation, live at The Combine, all week.  

The sneaker consignment spot out of Toronto’s East End boasts a seriously unique atmosphere, not to mention a Nikes/Js/Adidas collection fly-enough to make Seinfeld blush. We wanted to bring it here.

With the help of storeowner, @Jaron we bedazzled our space with a sampling of his rarest dead-stock sneaks and custom merch, plus a wall display of tinier kicks, on loan from Jaron’s 4-year-old, Jaxon.  

The latter are for keeps, not sale— at least for now— but, yes: You actually can pick up these immaculate Lego-brick Jordan’s. (Just don’t be scuffing up the studs.)  

Also, cop-able this week at The Combine, is more exclusive gear from P23’s in-house apparel line, including beanies, caps, heavy-weight tees and sweats sporting a newly minted Parlor 23 x The Combine logo, courtesy of P23’s design partner, @Joel.Rodney

He was also the one behind the instant classic “Bootleg a Bootleg” line for which P23 decided to lift the graphic from Air Jordan’s most recent Allstar Weekend pop-up in SLC, which they had dubiously titled none other than “PARLOR23”. The OGs reclaimed their rightful name in the tradition of disrespected graffiti artists by going over the details in a sick hand style and replacing the jump man with a pissed-looking Pizza slice, fixing to dunk. Mastermind Jaron says it’s all love though, really.

All in all, it shows off that fun-loving, proudly streetball sensibility Parlor 23 has refined over 10+ years to become known as the GTA’s #1 rare sneaker provider.  

It’s a community thing. So just this past Saturday, at The Combine, to hype up the pop-up, we held a one-day, winner-take-all community shoot-off on our half-court, to the tune of a $1000 store credit at Parlor 23. (Because what would a free-throw battle be without free gear?) Sneakerheads and sharpshooters from as far afield as Montreal came out to play— with CP24 covering it all, live. 

A good time was had by all. But only the best contender went home the drippiest. So, congrats to our all-star (who’s probably already blown the winnings and then some). 

If you missed the shootout AND the pop-up, no worries: You can still catch what’s left of the drop at Parlor23’s shop, online.  

Written By:Julian Battersby

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