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More Than You Know By TheHalfDecent 

When you go by the moniker of TheHalfDecent, being humble seems intrinsic, especially once you see some of their work. Known to many as one of Toronto’s most recognizable tattoo artists, TheHalfDecent jumped into The Combine to curate an incredible evening to celebrate art, culture and community. 

In combination with 1800 Tequila, Toronto athleisure brand ViCES and The Toronto Collective, TheHalfDecent showcased unique prints, sculptures, murals, and clothes that push the boundaries of forming an identity.  

From specially designed spray cans to a one-of-a-kind dress made in Collaboration with Kymnos, More Than You Know was like taking a step in the artist’s shoes. Looking past traditional boundaries and exploring the potential of within.  

The evening brought Toronto’s progressive art scene together with collectors, tattoo fans, and a community of creative professionals for an evening to celebrate innovative self-expression.  

Written By:The Combine

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