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Mixing it up with Rémy Cointreau 

Watching someone mix a proper cocktail is an event, and Combine members got a firsthand look as representatives from Rémy Cointreau came through Luigi’s and put on an absolute show. In our office bar, we’re used to mixing drinks with the ingredients built into the names. “Gin & Tonic.” “Vodka Soda.” “Jack & Coke.” But to get a masterclass in mixing Manhattans, Martinis, Margaritas and more was truly a treat. 

The folks from Rémy Cointreau came through with a couple of goals in mind. Sure, they wanted to entertain us, but they also wanted to teach us something that, in their words, “can help you sound super pretentious in front of your friends.” Well, after learning things like why you only shake cocktails with juice and how to pour Coke without any fizz, I’d say, mission accomplished.  

Watching the master bartender from Rémy Cointreau was a treat in itself, but the evening was also about interactive learning. And what better way to get people to learn, than to put them behind the bar to mix a proper cocktail themselves? How’d they do? All smiles. 

It was a great evening full of community, cocktail history, mixing demonstrations, and delicious drinks. Cheers. 

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