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Labnotes S01E02: How to remix your career

Before Shawn Pinnock was running his own creative agency (check Cultiv8 over here) he had a different name/lane. His name was DJ P-Plus and his lane, as you probably guessed or already knew, was a professional DJ. More precisely, he was a local legend and world-renowned professional DJ. Somewhere in between record spinner and business owner P spent a few years working at OneMethod and Bensimon Byrne (two Toronto-based creative agencies that helped created The Combine).

It was at these agencies that P shifted his whole creative career. He went from setting the soundtrack for the city of Toronto (back when a singular person could set the soundtrack for a city) to running his own multidisciplinary digital agency that works with clients like KITH and artists like Haviah Mighty.

For this episode of Labnotes, we get into it with our old friend to look back on where he came from, if he was the first DJ ever to play Drake, and who’s in his top 5. After setting the foundation, P takes us through his ten rules for how to remix your career, some of which helped him make the move and others that he wished he knew before he switched lanes.

If you want more from P, follow him on IG and as always, follow The Combine if you want to know when our next episode drops. It’s about how to start your own podcast fyi.

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