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Labnotes S01E01: How to do graffiti

In our first videotaped Labnotes session (we've been running these for years tbh), we sat down with self-proclaimed "semi-retired, never-was" graff writers Kyle & Max to learn about where graffiti comes from, what it's all about, and most importantly, how you can apply "graffiti thinking" to any creative challenge.

It's that last thing that really sets this session apart, mapping out a unique toolset for problem-solving that sits somewhere between design thinking, entrepreneurial thinking, and pirate thinking. You know, that Venn diagram nobody knew they wanted or needed.

So press play, enjoy, and stay tuned for more episodes (or, you know, just click around if you are reading this well after it was published and we already have a bunch more in the can).

Written By:Max Sawka

225 Wellington St WToronto-ON / M5V3G7

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