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Free Expo: Cyberdelia

The idea of a comic convention is drastically different now than what it used to be. All the genuine excitement about the art, the stories, the creators, and the creativity have gone by the wayside for corporate sponsorship and expensive autograph sessions. This is why when the Silver Snail approached us with an idea for a free comic convention for artists and by artists, it made more sense than a radioactive spider munching on a teenager. 

 In partnership with The Silver Snail, a Toronto staple in pop culture, comics, art and storytelling, Cyberdelia: Free Expo was a 4-day celebration of comics, art, sci-fi, and creators. Not only was the event free to attend, but it was also free for a handful of local Toronto artists to showcase some of their incredible work and contribute to a one-of-a-kind graffiti wall inside The Combine. 

 The influence of comics and science fiction came through clearly with an event like Cyberdelia, named after the night club from the 90’s flick Hackers, and Silver Snail backed it up with a couple big raffles. One lucky attendee walked away with a special edition Akira box set, while someone else took home an incredibly rare issue of Spiderman 361, the first appearance of Carnage. 

The Combine is about bringing together the creative community through shared interest and Cyberdelia is a perfect example of how everyone can benefit. As for those big, expensive comic conventions? I mean, the fact that Free Expo: Cyberdelia took place at the exact same time as Toronto Comicon (just down the street) was no accident 😉  

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