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All About A.I.

It’s not hard to decipher that the spiciest topic in tech is the future of artificial intelligence. Every publication has a story, and everyone has an opinion. With the number of articles, thought pieces and white papers invading our regular content feeds, it’s becoming more and more difficult to get comfortable with the whole situation. Is AI going to take my job?, Why did the godfather of AI leave Google, Are we all going to be living a version of Joakim Pheonix's life in HER? Uncertainty can be scary, and we don’t like scary. So, The Combine has decided to do what we do best. Get the creative community together to talk about it. 

 The first event tied right into our regular Labnote programming where we chatted with OneMethod’s VP of Customer Experience Design Kurt Krumme. The topics ranged from the ethics of AI and how to use it responsibly in the workplace, to the unknown future and possible dangers of where this could all go. We even chatted about LuigAI, the AI-powered bartender we created for an event. Check out the chat. 


The conversation around AI is exactly that, a conversation. And it’ll be a continuing topic around The Combine for the foreseeable future. We’ve formalized this with a monthly discussion called Adventures in AI where we talk to each other about experimenting with new AI programs and using the tools for work and personal projects. Moving forward, AI is going to be a part of all our lives, and at The Combine, our goal is to build a deeper understanding of how these tools can help make our work and personal lives better. 

PS – ChatGPT suggests I changed the title of this piece to “Unlocking the Secrets of Artificial Intelligence: A Thrilling Exploration” 

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