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Event Details

The Combine Collective - Art Gallery

Date: Jul 16–26/24

Location: @ The Combine

The Combine is thrilled to announce The Combine Collective, a special exhibition that bridges the gap between established and emerging artists. Running from July 16th to 26th, this dynamic event features a curated mix of artwork from acclaimed artists who have previously exhibited at our gallery, including TheHalfDecent, Dahae Song, Olivia Sinclair, Shanik Tanna, Mony, Curz and Bryan Brock. Alongside these renowned artists, we are excited to showcase new pieces from the talented Tadiem team.

This is a unique opportunity to experience a diverse range of artistic expressions within a vibrant and collaborative platform. Whether you're an art enthusiast or a newcomer, The Combine Collective promises an inspiring showcase of creativity and innovation.

Open To Public

225 Wellington St WToronto-ON / M5V3G7

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