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And i know you'll never see this

Jan 19th - Jan 28th

Location: @ The Combine

Join us for Olivia Mae Sinclair's latest installation, "AND I KNOW YOU’LL NEVER SEE THIS." as part of the DesignTO Festival.

About the Installation: Olivia's new work is an exploration of healing and confrontation. It mirrors the process of memories fraying and mending, driven by the desire to face and express past pains and the resilience gained over time. The installation is a poignant reflection of personal growth and the power of confronting unresolved emotions within relationships and power dynamics.

Artist's Vision: Sinclair's art is a dialogue with the audience, connecting shared experiences of past struggles and current emotions. Her goal is to resonate with viewers, bridging the gap between personal experiences and universal themes of healing and confrontation.

Experience the Journey: This installation is not just an exhibit; it's a journey through time, emotion, and healing. Olivia Mae Sinclair invites you to be part of this evocative exploration at the DesignTO Festival.

225 Wellington St WToronto-ON / M5V3G7

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